Visiting Us

We receive many visits every year from non sikhs including local schools and others who have not visited the Gurdwara before.

The following information is useful background material and will make your visit more fruitful.

Some simple do’s and don’ts:


  • Keep your head covered at all times,
  • Switch off your mobile phone,
  • Wash your hands after removing your shoes,
  • Keep quiet in the main hall,
  • When sitting in the main hall – sit with legs crossed – lotus position,
  • Ask for help at any time.


  • Congregate in the langar hall – it is not a social centre,
  • Make unnecessary noise,
  • Ladies please do not wear short skirts as you will be required to sit for long periods on the floor,
  • Come to the gurdwara having taken any intoxicants or meat,
  • Smoke anywhere on the premises

School Visits:

School visits can be arranged by contacting us   with the following information:

Contact name and telephone number, the date you wish to visit the number in your group and their age range.

During the visit everyone will be required to cover their head, although some handkerchiefs/ scarves are provided it is a good idea to bring your own clean handkerchief or scarf if possible.

Key Contacts:
Dr Baljit Singh Bagga 07984590392  or Mr Daljit Singh Birring (07400 847777)

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