Seva Guidlines

These are guidelines but the Sangat is encouraged to donate as much as possible so that we can advance Sikhi and continue the ongoing improvements (building and facilities).


Akhand Path                         ——————£351

Kitchen Seva(Akhand path)—————-£301

Sehj Path                              ——————£251

Kitchen Seva(Sehj path)      —————-£201

Sukhmani Sahib path           —————–£151

Kitchen Use (1 day use)       —————–£151

Use of kitchen for Mathai etc—————-£150

Anand Karaz                         ——————£301

Marriage Certificate              —————–£101

Kitchen Cleaning                  ——————£60

Washing Sheets                   ——————£60

Gianee’s Maukh seva           —————–£11 Each

Donation for Punjabi school,Building Fund —Voluntary


For all Booking please contact :

Mrs Nashiter Kaur (kitchen sevadar):- 01582 754881 or Mrs Mohinder kaur shergill :-01582581510

Giani Jaspreet Singh -07513 498445